Frequently Asked

Yes in most situations we are able to reprogram and connect your existing system to our central station.
Yes we service the entire Chicago land and surrounding suburban area.
Unlike a lot of national companies EWA does not have a "One size fits all solution". Each system we install is custom designed to fit the individual home or business. it can range from a very basic 2 door system to a multi zone multi partition system.
Absolutely....we install the latest and best wireless technology to provide you with neatly and efficiently installed system. There isn't a home or business around that we cant protect!
Yes we can provide a full range of cellular or phone line monitoring services for homes or businesses.
Our monthly fees vary depending on the type and size of the system you have installed. Regardless of the size or your system our monthly fees are extremely competitive and usually around 10-20% cheaper than the big national companies.
We have been a licensed private alarm contracting agency providing Chicago and the surrounding suburbs electronic protection since 1985.
Our office is located on the north west side of Chicago.